FAQ’s about hCG Diets

Here are some very popular questions that circle around the hCG diet. These questions are very popular for people who are just starting out on the hCG diet. If you have tried various other methods of dieting and have failed, perhaps the hCG diet is the one for you. It may just be the answer that you have been looking for.


  1. What exactly does hCG do?

The hCG levels in your body will help to speed up the metabolism of the body. It will help to aid in the breakdown of fats. By combining the hCG diet with other methods such as cutting back on the amount of calories you eat per day, you are able to experience weight loss. The amount of calories that you cut out per day as well as the amount of hCG that you take either orally or by injection per day is going to affect the amount of weight you can expect to see lost over time.

  1. How much weight can I lose on the hCG diet?

Tpically someone who is just starting out on the hCG diet will start to notice that they are shedding a couple of pounds per week with most losing 3 pounds each week. Most people will cut back the calories they take in order to make a long lasting impression while on hCG but there is no set amount of pounds that you can lose each week to make the pounds shed quicker. If you feel as if you are not losing enough, try cutting back more calories and see if that is what is needed.

  1. How many calories should I consume while on the diet?

While on the hCG diet, a person who is looking to lose weight should focus on the fact that they should be cutting out up to 3 servings per food per day. You should be at 500 calories per day when on the hCG diet.

  1. How to maximize my results?

In order to make sure that you are getting the best from your diet plan, you should not only take the recommended dose of hCG per day but also to cut out the majority of the calories that you typically would eat in a day. You should be at around 500 to 700 calories combined with up to 200 IU of hCG. With this amount, you should expect to see around 2 pounds lost per day of weight.

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