R4 3DS

What is an R4 3DS card? Simply put, it is a card that allows 3DS users to download pirated games from the internet and play them on their Nintendo 3DS. Many game players find this a less expensive way to play games because the cards have ample room to store many games at a time. However, this card has a whole lot more to offer than just playing pirated games.

R4 3DS cards provide users with the ability to play homebrew games and applications which they can easily download from online. R4 3DS users need to be aware, however, that there are several different cards on the market today and not all of them operate the same. Only the Gateway card claims to work with 3DS system versions higher than 4.5. All other cards say they are only compatible from 4.1 to 4.5. Upgrading a system version is as simple as downloading firmware updates. There are also instructions out there for downgrading a higher version system to make it compatible with your new mod card.

The R4 3DS is considered the best card on the market today. It is the most versatile card for the serious user. This card allows users to download emulators that will put all the fun they remember from their console games right in the palm of their hand. Options are available to play nearly all Nintendo system games via emulators. On top of game playing, R4 3DS cards allow users to be able to use their Nintendo system is ways other ways as well. How about browsing the internet, listening to music, or watching a movie and even reading a book? All of these are options.

Users who wish to protect the quality of their purchased 3DS games love the R4 3DS for its backup capabilities. Entire game files can be backed up to the card, and the original cartridge can be put away to be kept safe from damage, making the game cartridge last longer and possibly be worth more money for a collector some years down the line.

Using the R4 3DS card is easy. It has a simple user interface that is both easy to understand, and customizable with themes from the built-in creator. Adding content to the card is done by removing the micro SD card from the R4 3DS and inserting it into the card reader slot of a PC or laptop. Content can then be added directly to the card.